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Collect Points for the Championship

CNHP General Preformance Series Shows

Central Nova Horse & Pony Association is pleased to present a series of general performance competitions that will enable you as competitors to accumulate points throughout three shows.


  • You must be a member of CNHP to be eligible for points. 
  • There will be year-end rewards presented in the divisions listed in the prize list.
  • Competitors must show in two of the three shows to qualify for points. 
  • Division points will be awarded to the same horse/rider combination in all divisions with the exception of equitation and horsemanship.
  • Novice Division winners are required to move up to regular classes, after winning the Novice Division.
  • Entries for this show open on August 29 and close on September 11.  Entering after the closing date is still possible but a late charge will appy.

Show Fees

Members Non-Members
Class $6 $8
Stake Class $10 $10
Box Stall
(daily rate)
$15 $20
 Straight Stall
(daily rate)
$10 $15
Admin Fee $10 $10
Late Fee* $10 $10
Refundable Back # Fee $20 $20
Scotia Series Fee $3 $3

*for entries received after the deadline

Everything you need to know about the Series Show policies is found below.

Entry Form